Reyes Systech is a one-man Buissnes in Basel which mainly focuses on the lighting, rigging and automation departments. The services offered in these departments include the technical, creative and organizational implementation of various events. Professional experience, time management and a cool mind are the tools I bring along to successfully implement your event.

Being a lighting technician in concerts, films, but also in the industrial sector, as well as at fairs and congresses, means constant adaptation to new creative inputs and systems. Through years of experience, I ensure efficient work.

As a rigging technician, safety is the most important thing I enforce and guarantee. I am qualified to plan and set up small to medium sized systems independently, like booths, stages, ground supports or pre-riggs. For large productions, I join in as part of the rigging team and ensure smooth processes and open communication. Static solutions and hard work is what I love about rigging.

In 2018, I started to deal with the extensive topic of automation and took a course offered by Kynesis. I also work for the Musical Theater Basel with the theatrical rigging system also known as flyfloor. In the future, I would like to further work on the stage automation in order to make it an integral part of my work.